Nike Football Pro Combat – Unveils New Integrated Uniform System For University of Oregon Ducks

By - December 28th, 2011

The age old saying of what quacks like a duck might not be a duck after all. Introducing the newest integrated football uniform system from Nike Football for University of Oregon Ducks as it returns to the Rose Bowl this New Year’s Day. Known as the most advanced system assembled as part of the Nike Pro Combat system, the new ensemble looks down right intimidating as an suit of armor. Bolder jersey numbers plus iridescent silhouettes in the likeness of mallard’s feathers highlight the uniform’s front and back. Wings of armor patten rest on each shoulder while a new LiquidMetal black finish gives the helmet a chrome-like mirror appearance.

But it isn’t just the look itself, each of the components represents the most innovative in both designs and materials. In all, eleven different materials are in the Nike Pro Combat uniform, or around sixteen in total from head to toes. A base layer provides optimal ventilation as well as lightweight protection like carbon fiber plates along the thigh paddings. Next, Nike Pro Combat Deflex padding system offers impact protection from hip to knee areas. Then there is the Nike Chain Maille Mesh, another new material which will improves temperature regulation. Finally, a Flywire collar for breathability and to keep the jersey in place.

This duck neither quacks nor walks. It screams and fly instead.