REAL EDGE – Aluminum iPhone Case

By - December 28th, 2011

Japanese metal fabrication company REAL EDGE manufactures high-quality products made from materials such as aluminum and titanium. REAL EDGE makes custom-designed products for automotive and music industries, boasting precise execution. The team took interest in making an original iPhone 4/4S case using machined aluminum. Its sleek design complements the minimalist design of the popular phone. The true testament to their high quality work, however, is seen on the back of the case. A carbon fiber-inspired pattern is etched in 3D on the back panel, making this unlike any other case on the market. Hop over to the REAL EDGE online store to pick up these cases. via: houyhnhnm


This seems to be another copycat attempt against The Company Element.

And this is all that this case is, a cheap looking, with a bad finish on the chamfer area Element knockoff.

Ben has had an iphone case just like this for a long time now. This is anything but original