Yamaha VMAX Hyper Modified By Roland Sands | Video

By - December 29th, 2011

A motorcycle “lifer”, Roland Sands recieved his first bike at the age of five as a birthday present. He also gotten into his first accident and broken bone on the same day as well. But the word “impossible” was never in Sands’ personal dictionary. Even after some 32 broken bones and multiple surgeries, the California-base racer is still pushing the edge, though in relative safety of his workshop today. Chosen to be part of Yamaha VMAX Hyper Modified Project, Sands, like French customizer Ludovic Lazareth and German-base Marcus Walz, had the task of improving the legendary VMAX. Difficult? Maybe. Impossible? No.

With only weeks to go before the unveiling at last month’s EICMA, Roland Sands and crew altered the stance along with the sub-frame, fuel tank, and etc… The result was a streetfighter with an even more aggressive configuration. Instead of sitting high and upright, the rider now sits low and amalgamates with the frame. While never far from the bike’s centerpiece, its 175-horsepower, liquid-cooled V4 powerplant, Roland Sands’ creation is, never the less, lighter and meaner than the original.

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Clive byrne
Clive byrne

Love what you have done with the vmax can you do mine our can I get some of the parts to do mine