Kanye West’s “Stronger” Glasses | By ch00ftech Industries

By - January 2nd, 2012

How was your New Year’s Eve? It was a blast for do-it-yourselfer ch00ftech, thanks largely to his authentic glow-in-the-dark eyewear. With the first inkling of the idea coming from his friend Jordan, the handy electronic sage created the “Stronger” Glasses, so named because of the music video for Kanye West‘s song, “Stronger,” off the Graduation album. With some striped EL wire, a 9-volt battery, a microphone, active envelope detector, and few other components, ch00ftech created a mini light show on his Iced Out sunglasses. The best part is that the light is completely reactive to the sound around the wearer. Here is a video of glasses reacting to, what else but, Kanye West’s “Stronger”. via: Engadget

YouTube Preview Image