Optrix HD iPhone Sports Case

By - January 3rd, 2012

Evolution is what pushes product development and the iPhone has certainly evolved to be more than just a smartphone. With the help of the Optrix HD Sports Case, the mobile device can now be used to capture action sports videos with the Apple iPhone 4S. This is handy for those iPhone owners who happen to be adrenalin junkies and are into video recording. The all weather, heavy duty case is waterproofed and shock resistant to make sure your iPhone will not get damaged even if there is an accident. Furthermore, it is fitted with a protective touchscreen membrane that lets you operate the touchscreen while the device is in the case. Packaged with the case are two versions of an anti-vibration sleds and attachable mounts with 3M adhesive tape. If you are skeptical or want to find more about the case, hit after the jump to watch the demonstration videos and check the detailed photos.
YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image