Air Jordan 2012 – Year of the Dragon | Officially Unveiled

By - January 4th, 2012

First enshrouded under rumors and leaked images, Nike and Jordan Brand finally unveiled their collection for the upcoming Lunar New Year and what an expansive collection it is. Known as the Year of the Dragon, according to Chinese horoscope, which goes by year rather than month, it is known to be a time of prosperity and good fortune. A mythical beast on par with Gods and Goddess, Jordan Brand artfully conveys the dragon’s revered status to a pair of Air Jordan 2012. Dominating the silhouette is the removable cushion insert in yellow, a color long to be an association to China’s emperors. A lower cut insert, in sky blue, is also available. The centerpiece, though, is the AJ2012 itself, a bluish creation in conjunction with both Michael Jordan’s love with Carolina sky and Blue Dragon, another reference to the Chinese Imperial past.  One interesting footnote is the number 9. Long held as scared being that it is the largest single-digit, only emperors wear robes with 9 dragons.  The number is also one that appears during auspicious time during Michael Jordan’s career.  It was during his 9th season, in the years 1992 and 1993, that Jordan set records, both personal and league.  Perhaps it is correct when we call him “His Airness”.  The Air Jordan 2012 – Year of the Dragon comes with 2 cushions and 3 midsoles for personalized fit and performance.


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