DELTA Air Lines - Where Your Luggage Goes? | Behind The Scenes Video

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Like most major air lines in the U.S., DELTA couldn't escaped the grasp of bankruptcy in 2005. However, while its competitors have maintained a "steady as you go" attitude in marketing since exited from bankruptcies, Delta Air Lines decisively rocked the proverbial boat with a new slogan "Change Is:__________" and a refreshing In-flight safety video when it emerged from its bankruptcy in 2007. Just before the most recent holiday rush, Delta once again pushed the boundaries with a behind-the-scene look at where your checked-in luggage goes during your voyage - something all of us have wondered but too afraid to ask. With a hallowed out hard case and six cameras pointed at different sides, our journey starts at Delta's hub in Atlanta and ends in New York. Since its debut, the video has gone viral. Guess everyone is wondering exactly what is going behind those conveyor belt. via: Core77