Nike Air Force 1 – XXX Anniversary – Year of the Dragon Edition | Officially Unveiled

By - January 5th, 2012

The last of the footwear quartet in Nike‘s celebration of Chinese New Year is also the simplest in appearance. But underneath the Nike Air Force 1 – Year of the Dragon’s simple design of black upper and white sole, there are layers of symbolisms at work. Its black textile upper is a direct reference to the traditional Chinese Silk Robe (though a few Chinese sites also suggested the Amur River, locally known as the “Black Dragon River”). Discretely embroidered within are dragons and clouds, much like the patterns you’ll find on emperor’s dragon robe. Embroidered on the heel panel, the word “dragon” in old Chinese script, another referral to the ancient culture. Finally, the “XXX” designation on the deubré in front, marking the all-important 30th anniversary when Nike made the first Air Force 1s.