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By - January 11th, 2012

nike basketball masaryk 01 Nike Basketball   Masaryk Gym

The gym at Masaryk Towers, a low-income high-rise apartment in New York City’s Lower East Side, was in a state of neglected disrepair until Nike Basketball made it a reclamation project, installing a regulation sized court with digital scoreboard, as well as a well-appointed locker room. For now, the gym functions as a private club, with appointments booked through the Masaryk concierge 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The facility is open to a select group of pros and New Yorkers, offering a full complement of services that include uniforms, shooting machines and trainers to sharpen skills.  In April 2012, the gym will be turned back over to the residents of the Masaryk Towers.

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tamboura baptiste
tamboura baptiste

Grew up in Mazaryk towers. Was only in there in the gym a couple times, but I remember it being kind of shabby. These pictures blow me away. Thanks Nike, for sprinkling your fairy dust on the place. It looks amazing. Cmon Mazaryk folks. Take care of it baby!!!


When I moved into Masark it was a middle income Mitchell LLama Coop. It is a crying shame to see how it has deteriorated. Many of the original residents remain and they have been shortchanged. Seeing their investment plummet to the poverty level...It would be a great justice if the development was privatized. Maintenance charges have quadrupled while the quality of life has deteriorated while other coops built around the same time is now worth millions. The neighborhood is being revitalized and housing cost is ovver the block are now worth millions. Here is hoipng tha this gift to Masaryk will be apreciated and cared for..


This is a great story. I grew up in Masaryk and remember when the gym was fit enough for us to play around in. The pool was also clean and in great working condition. It was a shame to see it deteriorate over the years. I only hope that the residents (namely the kids) will take care of what has been gifted to them. I also hope this might be a step in the direction to privatizing the buildings and cutting off all foot access on Rivington Street. The complex has huge potential. The 3 parks need full resonstruction, people need to stop smoking, hanging out and doing grafitti in the staircases, and benches as well as landscaping have seen much better days. I have great memories when it wasn't in the current state and can't believe how run down it has become. Enough of my ranting; thanks to Nike for taking over this gym. And to the residents of Masaryk, make sure no one tries to break into those glass encasements to steal the sneakers! Come on, you know there's always a possibility! PS - My parents weren't low income residents. A lot of the residents aren't.