Nike Air Force 1 + Destroyer Jacket – Year of the Dragon Packaging

By - January 13th, 2012

Come this January 23rd, billions around the world will celebrate a tradition 5 millenniums old and welcome the Year of the Water Dragon for Chinese New Year. For a few fortunate souls, the new year also means the advent of this special box set from Nike Sportswear. Handsomely stained, the darken wood packaging features an elaborately ornate seal of the dragon, an emblem originally intended for the emperor of China only, in layers of carved brass. Housed inside, among the gold-leaf covered interior, are two of Nike’s Year of the Dragon special editions, the Nike Air Force 1 YOTD and Destroyer Jacket YOTD. Available exclusively in China and very select group of retail locations, the packaging is indeed a presentation worthy for the Son of Heaven.