Nike Basketball – KOBESYSTEM: Success for the Successful

By - January 15th, 2012

Nike Basketball   KOBESYSTEM: Success for the Successful

A system for success catered to successful people, the KOBESYSTEM is by far the most poignant motivational tool out today. More so than How to Win Friends and Influence People and certainly more effective than Oprah Winfrey sponsored program, The Secret. It is also the most humorous mockumentary with a star-studded cast. Directed by Jody Hill, the co-creator and executive producer of HBO comedy series “Eastbound & Down”, “The KobeSystem: Success for the Successful” is to highlight the new Nike Kobe VII System Supreme. Its also a nod to Kobe Bryant‘s amazing achievements as five-time World Champion, thirteen-time NBA All-Star appearances, Olympic Gold Medalist, and more… To truly facilitate an ambiance of success, Wieden + Kennedy, the agency in charge, invited a remarkably diversified group of over-achievers to participate in the mock campaign. On the list of esteemed guests who took part include one of the world richest man, Sir Richard Branson, an actual motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, to All-Pro football player Larry Fitzgerald. Introductions are not needed, Kanye West, along with comedian Aziz Ansari and Paul Rodriguez took to the sound stage. Both Serena Williams and soccer player Hope Solo appeared. Then there was the most famous celebrity yet virtually unknown among the troupe, Chinese megastar LeeHom Wang.

Look for the new KobeSystem on TV spot and various digital mediums in the coming weeks. In addition, celebrities will share their “testimonials” on the system’s effectiveness and invites the public to take part in the KobeSystem. Be sure to spread the gospel of “the system”.

Nike Basketball   KOBESYSTEM: Success for the Successful

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