By - January 16th, 2012

Premium footwear brand FEIT is not taking it easy for 2012, seeing as their first set of sneakers will commence cutting on January 21st. The premier model to start the year is the PNTHA Low, finished in smooth leather and suede-like, reversed leather uppers. All of the footwear is made from the best quality Kudu hide, and each colorway is produced in limited numbers: 29 pairs of Black, 17 pairs of Gaucho and 15 pairs of Cloud. Each sneaker comes equipped with square leather laces, matching the uppers, while the specially made FEIT Vibram 05 soles are hand sewn using the Goodyear method. Every shoe is carefully crafted by hand, and there is an authentication signature on the inside of the tongue indicating the craftsman’s name. Order these sneakers directly from FEIT by heading to their website before the pre-order finishes in about 5 days.