PROJECT Show New York – Made by Project: Barbour – How Do You Re-Waterproof Your Waxed Cotton Jacket?

By - January 16th, 2012

A conceptual pop-up store within the PROJECT Show New York is Made by Project, where show’s organizer select artisans of various backgrounds to showcase their skill sets. For this year’s trade show, PROJECT asked Barbour of England to demonstrate the art of “re-proofing” the iconic Barbour waxed cotton outerwear. While on a smaller scale, the methodology been the same since Barbour’s establishment. On a “heating table”, a metallic platform with heating elements, the process starts with the outerwear “steady cooking” to 100 degrees. According to Barbour Specialist Keith Broadley, this “opens” the cotton twill fabric. Then, apply liquified wax generously onto the item and wipe off the excess wax. Though proprietary, Broadley hinted the wax is mainly made of bee wax. In half an hour or so, the Barbour outerwear has a new lease on life and ready to battle the elements again. As for when to re-wax your Barbour, the company suggests to do so after the first 3 years of wear. In the meantime, Barbour will re-proof your outerwear at PROJECT. Simply drop it off at the booth on the first floor.