PROJECT Show New York LEXDRAY: London Garment Bag Fall 2012

By - January 17th, 2012

Unassuming in appearance, a new product from LEXDRAY and designer Alex Drayer might just change the way we utilize our luggage, specifically our garment bags. Intended to keep clothing clean and wrinkle-free, garment bag’s flimsy construct often leads to just the opposite. Drayer’s solution is to create a modular system and do away with the infirm design. No bigger than a medium sized duffel bag (and shaped like one too), the LEXDRAY London Garment Bag unfurls into two separate components, a garment bag and a hangable organizer. Supported by two reinforced hook, the organizer can go onto closet or the closet’s door. Folded shirts, coats, accessories, even a pair of Air Jordans can be tuck away neatly. Fold with the garment bag and the organizer becomes a rigid duffel bag, protecting its contents from the elements and unsightly crease. Each part can be use as a stand alone carrier as well.