Beauty & Youth x BILLYKIRK – Carryall Bags

By - January 23rd, 2012

Beauty & Youth x BILLYKIRK   Carryall Bags

While there are many debates on the issue of overseas production and manufacturing, however one brand has kept it’s manufacturing over here since 1999. Hand crafted in America, BILLYKIRK makes high quality bags and accessories to their highest standards. Beauty & Youth recognized their unparalleled products and have ordered exclusive Carryall bags in two sizes. The smaller bag is available in navy and olive colors, while the larger bag comes in black and olive colors. All of the bags are made from heavy duty cotton canvas fabric on the body with the handle, shoulder strap and bottom panel constructed from premium leather material. There will be limited numbers sold exclusively at Beauty & Youth in Japan and pre-order have started at Beauty & Youth online shop right now.

3-25-5 Jingumae | Map
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan

Beauty & Youth x BILLYKIRK   Carryall Bags

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