Nike Sportswear Track & Field Collection – Apparel

By - February 7th, 2012

While unintended, the passing of Geoff Hollister has certainly made the Nike Sportswear Track & Field Collection all the more special. Inspired by Nike’s early years, its origin as a runner’s brand, and the all-important Athletic West program, of which Hollister developed, the collection re-imagines authenticity and heritage with contemporary construct.  Made with super soft cotton, each pre-treated to obtain a vintage appearance and feel. Yet never stray too far from its root as performance wear, some the design is thoroughly up-to-date, such as the Nike Reflective Windrunner.  Other minute details, like the crackle graphic print, wouldn’t have been possible without the state-of-the-art “antiqued” method.  As a whole, you will find the collection to be both a celebration of past achievements and commemoration of things to come.  The Nike Sportswear Track & Field Collection is now available at Nike Sportswear retail locations, such as 21 Mercer flagship store in New York City.

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