Tim Hendricks – Hand-Made Tattoo Machines | Video

By - February 10th, 2012

Tim Hendricks   Hand Made Tattoo Machines | Video

Californian Tim Hendricks is an artist and a polymath: he skateboards, surfs, works on motorcycles and also puts in a good amount of time as a tattoo artist. He developed his craft as a teenager by tattooing local Hispanic gang members, and it’s that kind of DIY aesthetic that’s propelled Tim toward his latest venture — custom building tattoo machines. Every aspect of the machine is custom made. Coils are hand wound, parts are hand crafted, which enables Tim to construct special one-off machines to order. Pre-built models are also available through Saltwatertattoo Supply. Check out a video of Tim hard at work and showing how it’s done following the click. via: DSL // FRESHNGOOD

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