Nudie Jeans – Woad/Guado Dyed Collection

By - March 23rd, 2012

Nudie Jeans   Woad/Guado Dyed Collection

It went by the unsavory term of Devil’s Dye for a good reason. So true and deep was the blue color dye extracted from Woad plant, it was said to mesmerize men, even seductive. But the true reason for its ban from Europe 500 years ago was more of a form of trade protectionism. The potency of Woad plant was such, it rendered European strain of the indigo plant useless. Such outcome would be ruinous that the import of Woad from India was viewed to be a crime punishable by death in certain parts of Europe. There was no escape, however, from its superiority. Soon afterwards, Woad-base dye became the most sought after.

In reviving the story of behind this most unique dyestuff, Nudie Jeans asked artisans from Marche, Italy, to produce indigo from Woad (or Guado) the traditional way. The process was by no mean an easy one. From 1000 kilos of Woad leaves, craftsmen only eked out 1 kilos worth of indigo dyestuff. In turn, Nudie Jeans only made a limited run of its Woad/Guado Collection. Hand dyed and processed, each item within the Nudie Jeans Woad/Guado Collection includes a special Woad/Guado stamp along with a designation from 1 to 700. In various of designs from blazer, henley, t-shirts, chino, and denim, the collection will available exclusively at a handful of Nudie Jeans flagship, as well as denim specialty stores like 14 Ounce Berlin, Tinue de Nimes (Amsterdam), Liberty London, Aplace (Stockholm) and Atrium (New York).

Nudie Jeans   Woad/Guado Dyed Collection

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