ALL GONE 2011 – Book Signing Event | Shanghai

By - March 26th, 2012

ALL GONE 2011   Book Signing Event | Shanghai

Even with the fluidity of information always available at the ready, the tangible factor of printed matter still speaks volume. A reason behind the significance of ALL GONE, an annual review and catalog of exclusive collectables from the world of street culture. Compiled yearly since 2006 by Parisian creative agency La MJC and its founder, Michael Dupouy, ALL GONE serves not just as shopping list for the manic collectors, who will stop at nothing for their hunt. It also serves as a motivation for future creative types, a reference source for inspirations. And as with every ALL GONE releases from the start, Dupouy embarked on a book signing tour that already brought him to Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and today, Shanghai. Sponsored by Hong Kong lifestyle label CLOT, the event took place at the adidas Brand Center in Shanghai. Along with Dupouy, both Kevin Poon and Edison Chen were among some of the special participants who took the opportunity to meet fans face to face. In addition to the sale of ALL GONE 2011, a limited set of black and white CLOT logo t-shirts with matching leopard pattern graphic (complement to the cover of ALL GONE 2011) were available as well. In the meantime, Dupouy and rest of CLOT team will make another appearance tomorrow at JUICE , CLOT’s retail venture in Hong Kong.

ALL GONE 2011   Book Signing Event | Shanghai

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ummm.. this book is just a website. It was made by a dude with nothing going on and no access... and now brands send him shit to be put in a shitty book. You didn't fool me!