Casio G-Shock GW-9300ER-5JF MUDMAN – Inspired by Desert Camouflage

By - March 30th, 2012

Casio G Shock GW 9300ER 5JF MUDMAN   Inspired by Desert Camouflage
As part of its “Men In Military Colors” collection, the upcoming” target=”_blank”>G-Shock GW-9300ER-5JF MUDMAN is Casio’s newest design that honors the men and women in military services. After the collection’s fair share of olive drab colorway, the GW-9300ER-5JF MUDMAN takes on an unique design approach with emphasis on desert camouflage instead. In shades of deep and light brown, the GW-9300ER-5JF lives up to its “MUDMAN” designation with a construct that is resistant to sand, dust, mud, and water for up to 200 meters. It also features” target=”_blank”>Casio‘s MULTI-BAND 6 atomic clock connectivity, a function that automatically calibrates the watch to various time zones, and TOUGH SOLAR, power charge via various light sources. Besides its unique colorway, which goes nicely with” target=”_blank”>Mark McNairy‘s new digi-camo collection, the watch’s EL back light presents a hologram of star, anchor, and hawk, all symbolism of various armed forces around the globe. The G-Shock GW-9300ER-5JF MUDMAN will be available as part of Casio G-Shock new product releases for April 2012.

Release Date: April 2012

Casio G Shock GW 9300ER 5JF MUDMAN   Inspired by Desert Camouflage

Casio G-Shock GW-9300ER-5JF MUDMAN – “Man In Military Colors” Edition

– Water Resistant Up To 20 Atmospheric Bars
– Sand, Dust & Mud Resistant
– “Multi-Band 6″ Atomic Clock Calibration North America, Europe, and Asia Automatically Calibrate Time
– “Tough Solar” Solar Panel Power & Automatically Adjust Power Consumption
– Digital Compass
– Multiple Alarms
– World Time 48 International Cities
– “Star, Anchor, and Hawk” EL Back Light
– Desert Camo-Inspired Finish

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