Freshness Excursion: Miami – HTC One X Hands-On

By - April 5th, 2012

Freshness Excursion: Miami   HTC One X Hands On

The introduction of the digital camera pushed film into a niche market. And the introduction of camera functions to the smart phone may very well phase out the compact digital camera as well. The HTC One X, this Spring’s newest smartphone contender is poised to do so with they call an “Amazing Camera” along with “Authentic Sound”. Last week, during a commercial shoot for the One X, HTC invited Freshness down to Miami for a few days of fun and hands-on time with the phone.

The new camera hardware is really amazing! The important specs: 8 megapixels, 28mm lens with a F2.0 aperture, dedicated imaging chip, continuous shoot mode (or burst mode) and photo capture during HD video recording (!!). These specs sure put some ultra compact cameras to shame and good reason to leave them home. Each of these features come in handy for most occasions, for instance, continuous shooting mode is useful during a sporting event or at a night club where lights are flashing and you need to get that one shot while the light flashes. Another amazing feature is the ability to capture a photo while shooting HD video, this really comes in handing if you are recording and you don’t have an extra hand to snap a photo. You can also grab photos directly from a video recording!

Speed wise, the One X is impressive with near zero lag thanks to a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and 1.5 GHz dual-core for the LTE version. The screen is also very impressive at 4.7 inch, 1280 x 720 resolution, and HD 720p touch. And another gadget potentially going extinct is the digital music player, especially with Beats Audio integration on HTC phones. Combined with a set of Beats headphones and you should get a nicely paired music experience or “authentic sound”. No official date has been announced but expect the HTC One X some time in April 2012. Are you excited?

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Freshness Excursion: Miami   HTC One X Hands On

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