Chrysler 300C – China Edition

By - April 7th, 2012

chrysler 300c china edition 01 Chrysler 300C   China Edition

The 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is the venue in which the Chrysler Group is set to unveil two design concepts celebrating its return to China: a Year of the Dragon-themed Jeep Wrangler, which we looked at earlier, and a more subtly designed Chrysler 300C. The Detroit automaker says the 300C was “created specifically with Chinese elements in mind,” though the influences aren’t immediately clear in these teaser images. The vehicle features a blacked out exterior, with mesh grille, new front bumper, unique alloy wheels and leather seatbacks embossed with stylized gusts of wind. Check out more looks following the click. via: Autoblog

chrysler 300c china edition 02 Chrysler 300C   China Edition

chrysler 300c china edition 03 Chrysler 300C   China Edition

chrysler 300c china edition 04 Chrysler 300C   China Edition


An executive car like the 300c would fit in very well on the roads of Shanghai!