Nike N7 Zoom KDIV

By - April 12th, 2012

If you tuned into the Thunder/Clippers game last night, you probably saw a sweet new pair of sneakers on Oklahoma City’s leading man, Kevin Durant. Much like his late game performance, these Nike N7 Zoom KDIV’s are eye-catching and smooth and are targeted for a wide release in both black and white in the coming months. Both feature turquoise accents, which symbolize friendship and community in the Native American culture Durant has grown deeply involved with since his arrival in Oklahoma City. The Nike N7 team’s tagline is “Everyone Leaves a Footprint,” which reminds each of us that our actions affect future generations and a portion of the profits from sales of the shoe will benefit their Fund to providing youth access to sports in Native American and Aboriginal communities. In other words, why wouldn’t you pick up a pair?

Tonya Jorgensen
Tonya Jorgensen

What an honor to have Tony Hellberg as a relative and representative of the Native American Nations. We are all so proud of Tony, who works for NIKE, and all he has accomplished so far in his work. Good job and can't wait to see what you have in store next.