Sneaker Freaker x PUMA Bunyip

By - April 25th, 2012

In all cultures throughout the ages, strange occurrences were often explained away by the inclusion of cryptid or creatures of unknown origin. North America has its Big Foot and Jersey Devil, the Himalayas has its Yeti, and while lesser known to the world, Australia has its Bunyip. Purported to be everything from walrus like to dingo forms, some even describe the Bunyip as 6-foot lizard walking upright. Whatever they might be, they are as mysterious as their otherworldly counterparts around the globe. To shed some light into the dark caldron that theory of evolution forgot, Simon “Woody” Wood of Sneaker Freaker fame decided to materialize his theory of the Bunyip. With help from PUMA, Woody created the Sneaker Freakers x PUMA Bunyip, essentially a re-constituted PUMA Dallas sneakers with premium suede, leather lining, and thick crepe rubber sole. A bit rough on the edges and slightly mystifying, the Sneaker Freakers x PUMA Bunyip captures the same cryptic aura as the real-life Bunyip has in the swamps Down Under before recorded history. Set to be available on May 15th throughout select PUMA retail accounts in Asia.

Release Date: May 15th, 2012 (Tuesday)