Nitraid – Dope Forest Skateboard Deck

By - April 26th, 2012

Nitraid   Dope Forest Skateboard DeckIt may not be apparent that Japanese streetwear brand Nitraid also has a side division dedicated to skateboarding, aptly named Nitraid SB. Therefore, each season, they create some new skateboard deck that works in line with both labels. For this season it features the current Dope Forest camouflage pattern on the underside of the deck, accented only by a red Nitraid arch logo on the nose. Now more than ever, skateboard decks are almost treated as an artwork or interior decoration, and this design can certainly be used for that purpose. Of course, this board is perfectly suitable for skating hard on the streets or turned into a cruiser for commuting. This item can be picked up at Nitraid dealers or through their online shop.

Nitraid   Dope Forest Skateboard Deck

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teaching english online

Nitraid has given the skateboard a nice looks and a new avatar to look great and different,it willbe a new looks skateboard with a nice style.Thanks for sharing this nice pics.