HUMAN MADE – Season 4 Collection | Preview

By - May 1st, 2012

HUMAN MADE   Season 4 Collection | PreviewNIGO previewed some images of the new products from the HUMAN MADE Season 4 collection on his blog recently. This next collection looks to have few collaborations as usual, involving brands such as EFFECTOR, Post Overalls, Mühlbauer, and Fire-King. In particular, the latter company is a traditional glass ware company in Japan, established in 1976, and they are responsible for producing the popular vintage mugs. Another interesting item for this season is the steel cap shoes, taking over a year to make and they feature the unique aesthetic of exposed steel cap on its toe section. Expect these pieces to hit HUMAN MADE dealers soon or otherwise check back on COLD COFFEE online store.

HUMAN MADE   Season 4 Collection | Preview


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