JAWBONE – BIG JAMBOX Wireless Speaker

By - May 1st, 2012

JAWBONE   BIG JAMBOX Wireless Speaker

Wirelessly functional and thoroughly portable, the JAMBOX Wireless Speaker was the ideal audio accessory to have on long haul trips. There was a very minor issue however, its small form factor, while perfect for portability, was not so perfect in performance on a “grand scale”, like an apartment size magnitude. JAWBONE, the maker of JAMBOX, finally amend the issue over the weekend when it officially announced the BIG JAMBOX, JAMBOX’s larger counterpart. Operating on the same premises as the original JAMBOX, albeit larger in scale, the BIG JAMBOX wirelessly connects to your tablet, cellphone, or any devices with Bluetooth feature. Its rechargeable battery ensures a jam session of up to 15 hours, but like the JAMBOX, you won’t miss a call thanks to its built-in microphone for a conference session. Although its larger in both size and sound output, the BIG JAMBOX is still small enough to be carry around. So be that savior of the next mundane house party you go to with the BIG JAMBOX By JAWBONE. Comes in three colors and designs, all available now for pre-order at JAWBONE online store.

JAWBONE   BIG JAMBOX Wireless Speaker

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