British Millerain x Dr. Martens Camo Wedge Collection | Foot Patrol Exclusive

By - May 8th, 2012

Dedicated to performance fabric, especially that of water resistant waxed cotton, British Millerain Co. took on another role in recent years as a supplier to another British classic, Dr. Martens. Together, the two brands devised several unique collaborative designs, including the new Camo Wedge Collection. Comprised of two Dr. Martens’ models, The Nixon and The Manton, each a lightweight variation to the classic desert boot design.

With Goodyear welted sole, the Nixon comes as two camouflage patterns, a Khaki Camo option with weatherproofed waxed cotton canvas, desert camo print utilized by the British Royal Army and bright cotton sock-lining in Electric Orange. The other is Nixon Desert Storm, with contemporary pixelated camo currently in use with the U.S. Marine (you can even see the Marine’s Eagle, Globe, and Anchor icon). Finished with lining in Aqualine Shoal beige and Milkshake colored welted sole.

The Manton also comes with welted sole, along with stitching in contrast color and a classic Dr. Martens heel tab. Instead of just canvas, the Manton offers either a water resistant suede upper or a 10oz canvas one. Comes with either colored laces and an inner lining in Beige Aqualine.

All four versions will be available as exclusively offerings at London’s Foot Patrol boutique starting this Saturday, May 12th. For more information on the products or on how to order, email Foot Patrol at

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Release Date: May 12th, 2012 (Saturday)