R.I.P. – Maurice Sendak 1928 – 2012 | Author of “Where the Wild Things Are” + Seminal Figure in Children’s Literature

By - May 8th, 2012

Maurice Sendak with one of his “monsters” (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

His books, with its darkly plot-lines and imaginative illustrations, made us just a bit older and wiser each time we read them. He taught us that it was okay to face the reality of our emotions, that our lives as children weren’t suppose to be sweet and nice. Fraught with subjects often avoided by other children’s book – death, anger, AIDS, sadness, and etc… Maurice Sendak pierced the notions that youngsters should be and are in sheltered lives, first with his groundbreaking Where the Wild Things Are in 1963, then followed by two others in the trilogy, In the Night Kitchen (1970) and Outside Over There (1981). In the process of his most famous works, Sendak found time to author The Sign on Rosie’s Door, The Nutshell Library, as well as illustration for other writers and theatrical designs. But it will always be his books that resonate and gave voices to that inner child within all of us. Author and illustrator Maurice Sendak passed away today at age 83.

Maurice Sendak at work (Photo by AP)

Maurice Sendak at work (Photo by AP)