Nicholas Hendrickx – “The Adventures of Mr. Fly”

By - May 10th, 2012

Nicholas Hendrickx   The Adventures of Mr. Fly

It would appear Mr. Fly is not as enterprising as Wes Anderson’s fantastic Mr. Fox. The way Belgian photographer Nicholas Hendrickx tells it, he was outside in his garden taking clichéd images of flowers, having just purchased his first cheap macro filters online and eager to give them a try. It was there that he encountered Gerald Fly, a down-on-his-luck insect holding a “Will work 4 food” sign. So Nicholas did just that, putting him to work as a model. The fictional narrative is entertaining, sure, but the pictures are fascinating on their own. The painstaking process involved in placing a fly atop a miniature bicycle, or putting a guitar in his hands, makes the following images that much more impressive. Nice work, Mr. Hendrickx. via: FStoppers

Nicholas Hendrickx   The Adventures of Mr. Fly

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