PUMA Suede Experience | By Marcus Troy

By - May 11th, 2012

If the name Marcus Troy doesn’t ring a bell, your life is about to get way, way more fresh and dope. In short, Marcus Troy’s life and work stands at the intersection of lifestyle and fashion; where both main street culture and cutting edge designs from the urban and suburban life blend together. He works on a variety of projects at one time from every corner of the market, never allowing any limit to stunt his vision and refusing to hoard his work for only his enjoyment. In other words, everyone should be able to share and be a part of the experiences he helps to create. And this is why his latest work with Puma, where he is working to bring back the classic Suede and Clyde – silhouettes that have inspired so many to branch out their style – is such a cool project.  Troy wants everyone to grab a snapshot of themselves wearing the classic kicks while doing what you do best (being you) and send it in to the Puma Suede Experience site. While you’re there, you can also view other’s contributions, judge a pair of two, and sign-up to win a pair of Puma Suedes. Check it out.


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