Iguana 24 – Amphibious Runabout With Retractable Tracks

By - May 15th, 2012

For the ultra wealthy crowd who hates to have their boat shoes muddied with beach sands, there is the Iguana 24, an amphibious runabout. Perfectly suitable to be a tender for mega yachts, the Iguana 24, along with its larger cousin, the Iguana 29, seats up to 10 passengers with enough room to spare. But the more interesting element is its retractable tracks, which maker Iguana Yachts fondly calls “legs”. Situated on both port and starboard sides, the streamlined silhouette allows the Iguana 24 to travel up to 38 knots on water. Yet when lowered, the caterpillar tracks enable the runabout to traverse at a respectable speed of 5 mph on land. With the Iguana 24, who needs to dock along the French Rivera when you can ride up to the beachhead in style?