The Amazing Spider-Man – Is This Peter Parker’s Web Shooter Prototype? | Video

By - May 16th, 2012

Perhaps borrowing a page from Warner Bros.’ campaign for The Dark Knight Rises, Sony Pictures asked fans to solve subtle clues cryptically left on the multitude of social media outlets for its own summer blockbuster, The Amazing Spider-Man. The results were unobtrusive look at the creation of Peter Parker’s web shooter. Much like how a spider makes its silk, the web shooter is essentially a depository of inert chemicals, until Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker) push the trigger on his palm. The chemical becomes a cocktail at the end of a nozzle, solidify in the process into a string form that is both stronger than steel and more pliable than gold. From its simple origin as detailed sketches torn out from a scratch pad, Parker went through the D. I. Y. procedural first of transforming the 2-dimensional drawing into a 3-dimensional CAD file, and finally a prototype. More to reveal as the movie’s release date of July 3rd approaches…