doubt everything x TMI x NEIGHBORHOOD x ZOZOTOWN – Capsule Collection

By - May 18th, 2012

doubt everything is a Japanese publishing company who have contributed to the Tokyo scene as a whole. Lead by Detz Matsuda, an influencer in Tokyo with a long list of friends in various facets of Tokyo’s cultural scene. Matsuda was invited to start a new column in ZOZOTOWN, doubt everything presents TMI, which will be updated every two months. The premiere column started with an interview with long time friend Shinsuke Takizawa from NEIGHBORHOOD. During the interview, the two reflects on their lives growing up in Tokyo in the 80’s, when the foundation of what was to come in the 90’s was solidifying. To commemorate the occasion, they have created a special capsule collection with 80s flavor, which will be sold exclusively at ZOZOTOWN.  Scroll down to check out the collection in detail.