Frank Kozik x Kidrobot – Happy Libbit Mini Series

By - May 25th, 2012

As supposed to the one Libbit suffering at the hands of its “mistress” (or “master”), these new Libbits are quite a happy bunch actually, or as Kidrobot puts it, happy hares… Next on its summer release list, Kidrobot will be offering the Happy Libbit Mini Series by Frank Kozik. 18 jovial bundle to collect from, each with its own quirky trait, in cutesy colorways of pink, sparkling blue, even camouflage. Collection them all for the price of US $4.95 each, the Happy Libbit Mini Series will be available starting June 7th at Kidrobot retail locations, online store, and dealers worldwide.

Release Date: June 7th, 2012 (Thursday)