Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept – Officially Unveiled

By - May 25th, 2012

Renault Alpine A110 50 Concept   Officially Unveiled

French automaker Renault finally unveiled the Alpine A110-50 concept, much to the cheers of car fans around the world. A replica to the storied Alpine A110, at least in appearance, the concept elaborated on Alpine’s signature blue along with its front mounted fog lamps, replicated as oval yellow LED lights on front. But just several layers of paint underneath, this blue streak of a machine is much like the Renault Dezir Concept from a year ago. Built upon the Megane Trophy’s chassis, the Alpine A110-50 Concept is just a fraction of the original Alpine A110’s weight thanks to its extensive usage of carbon fiber. At midship is the Renault V4Y powerplant, a 3.6 liter 24-valve V6 engine rated at 400 horsepower, give and take a few horsepower here and there. Outfitted with a semi-automatic 6-speed gearbox, the same found on F1 race car’s transmission, gears can be control either through clutch pedal or paddle on the steering column. Entry done via scissor doors, Renault took out drive assist advancements such as ABS and traction control to enhance driver’s feel of the road.

Going beyond the heritage and the vibrant blue colorway, the car already garnered much attention around the globe. Now the question is will Renault build it? See detailed images, videos, and press release on the project after the jump…

Renault Alpine A110 50 Concept   Officially Unveiled YouTube Preview Image

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