The Amazing Spider-Man What’s Inside of Peter Parker’s Backpack?

By - May 29th, 2012

A favorite target of bully and taunts by fellow school mates, it wasn’t all too surprising that Peter Parker‘s ragged JanSport backpack went “missing” one day. To help the future super hero of the arachnid kind, a viral treasure hunt for the backpack went out over the Internet. Armed with Twitter clues and coordinates, fans of upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man were able to locate the backpack in selected cities. In each, an assortment of necessities you would find in any other backpack of a typical student from the Big Apple, including lab safety goggles, MetroCard, a pair of ASICS Onitsuka Tiger, and etc… But the most interesting aspect was the notebook. Filled with encrypted messages, calculations, early sketches of his mask, and more, the notebook was a treasure trove of tidbits on Peter Parker and his secret life as the Spider-Man.