Aston Martin DB7 Conversion: DB4 GT Zagato Evocation | By EVANTA MOTOR

By - May 31st, 2012

A quick rundown of the DB4 GT by Aston Martin and Zagato: the classic vehicle was unveiled at the 1960 London Motor Show, with Aston Martin producing 19 examples through 1963. An additional four were built in 1991, joined by two more in 2000. Regardless of its pedigree, the car regularly fetches over a million dollars when one hits the auction block. British coachbuilder Evanta Motor Company is offering a less expensive option by converting a V12 DB7 to physically resemble the iconic Zagato. The exterior shell, composed of a combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar finished in Aston Martin Solent Silver, is supported by 16-inch wire wheels. The cabin has a red leather interior, appointed with modern features like air-conditioning, airbags, remote controlled doors and heated seats. via: Autoblog