Marvel x Reebok Pump Fury HLS “Wolverine”

By - June 4th, 2012

Marvel x Reebok Pump Fury HLS Wolverine

Fans of Marvel‘s Uncanny X-Men comic book know the movie version of Wolverine — as portrayed by Aussie actor Hugh Jackman — wasn’t entirely accurate. Not only did he not sound Canadian, he was too tall (by about a foot) and not nearly hirsute enough. Reebok has addressed that last point by covering its Wolverine Pump Fury HLS with a thick black coating of fur. A bright yellow overlay and blue accents, along with a red heel loop and “X”-adorned pump button, are a nod to the X-Men’s uniform. An Adamantium claw hangtag and illustrated sockliner round out the details. Along with the Captain America Ventilator that we showcased earlier, the Reebok Pump Fury HLS “Wolverine” is expected to drop in stores this summer. via: Ye-Wa

Marvel x Reebok Pump Fury HLS Wolverine

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