Fujifilm – 3D Printing Kiosk

By - June 5th, 2012

Fujifilm   3D Printing Kiosk

Designers may be familiar with the concept of 3D printers, yet many may wonder about the implication of this futuristic device in our daily lives. Often considered a specialist tool and costly printing process, the 3D printer is getting its break as more people are starting to use them and reduce the cost of use. Fujifilm Australia is testing the waters with its consumers by implementing the 3D Printing Kiosk model. It will be a perfect way to customize gifts on demand, accompanying their photo printing service. It is said that the printing task will be performed off-site, therefore customers will not able to see the printing in person. Additionally, the benefit of 3D printing would lead to independent manufacturing as opposed to the traditional methods of mass production in factories. If this kiosk model proves successful, it can give a completely new meaning to design and creation. Scroll down to see the types of items the 3D printer is able to print. via: gizmag

Fujifilm   3D Printing Kiosk

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