Halo “Warthog” Fighting Vehicle Comes To Life At E3

By - June 7th, 2012

Halo Warthog Fighting Vehicle Comes To Life At E3

Officially designated as the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle, or more commonly known as the “Warthog” by members of the UNSC Marines, the recon/assault all-terrain workhorse is by far the most popular vehicular option on all of Halo gaming titles. Little surprise then that Microsoft made one as the centerpiece to its E3 Halo 4 booth this year. A real-life replica in size and feel, the creators of this four-wheel monstrosity left no details out, even down right to the comm console and the mounted three-barrel M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun. Even if its engine wasn’t a 12.0 L liquid-cooled hydrogen-injected ICE and the chain gun a mere prop, the showcase is still equally impressive.

Halo Warthog Fighting Vehicle Comes To Life At E3

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