Apple WDDC 2012 - Event Opening Act by Siri | Video

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It's the day after the great annual Apple WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote and an unlikely starlet is making quite the buzz for her performance during the opening act. Asked by Apple to "warm-up the crowd," Siri launched into a comedy routine complete with help from iPad on the drums and keys and digs on SanFran, Yelp, and their own Instagram. The bit demonstrated many of Siri's well-known abilities and was a slick decision by the Apple execs, but the routine also paved the way for many of the key announcements CEO Tim Cook detailed in the remaining keynote, including Siri's move onto the iPad with iOS6 and her new ability to pull-up sports scores for you. Unfortunately, although there were plenty of updates about Mountain Lion and the new MacBook Pro, details on the iPhone 5 remain elusive. At least Siri killed it.