HAROSHI – Studio Visit By Nathan Perkel

By - June 19th, 2012

HAROSHI   Studio Visit By Nathan Perkel

With a mutual love for skateboarding, California-born photographer, Nathan Perkel, took a trip to the Far East to capture the studio of famed Japanese sculptor and artist HAROSHI. There is no doubt that HAROSHI is coming up through the ranks in the Japanese art scene, and some may remember the feet sculpture with transparent skate shoes he created for the Jonathan LeVine Gallery at Art Basel 2012. It is a rare sight to see the studios of artists, and here we are treated by these high-quality images taken by Perkel. As one would expect, the studio is packed with used skateboards, off-cut scraps, and lots of dust from all the woodwork. Scroll down and take a visual journey through the studio below.

HAROSHI   Studio Visit By Nathan Perkel

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