Nike Camp Victory – Highlighting The Future of Sports

By - July 10th, 2012

You can talk a good game, but the numbers don’t lie. And if you’ve been following Nike over the last year you know the power of their Nike+, Fuelband, and Flyknit gadgets that track and measure every second and ounce of your workout. And what better time than the U.S. Track and Field Olympic Trails for Nike to showcase its current and future line-up of gadgets designed to help you set-up your game. Staged back in its hometown in Eugene, Oregon, Nike, in partnership with the creatives at Hush, Skylab, and others, built Camp Victory – a huge, interactive installation that includes a 15-foot tall LED wall recreating the fastest Olympic sprints, challenging visitors to head-to-head treadmill challenges, and presenting 3-D heat maps of local Oregon running trails, all to give us a taste of the athletic technology to come. Pieces of Camp Victory will be making their way to Nike retail stores and events around the world. In the meantime, you can get an inside look after the jump. via: Fast Company