Toyota TRD GT86 Special Edition

By - July 17th, 2012

Toyota has made their re-entry into the sports car category with a bang, as the GT86 is gaining popularity internationally. It is safe to assume that most of its owners will not keep the vehicle stock standard, giving room for tuning houses to their part. TRD, an acronym for Toyota Racing Development, is a division in Toyota specializing in modifying Toyota vehicles, and this is their first attempt at improving the GT86. This model debuted in Japan earlier this year at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and now it is slated to go on sale in UK from early next year. Upgrades include a modest custom body kit, exhaust system, and 18-inch wheels for the exterior, along with bucket seats, Sports Meter Link System, consisting of water temperature, oil temperature and pressure gauges, and red push start button. via: Carscoop