Lexus LFA Chromed | By Exotic Graphix

By - July 20th, 2012

Already a rarity, this particular Lexus LFA super car, vehicle number 304 out of 500 Lexus will produce, is one of only 10 to exist in the land Down Under. However, it recently garnered another distinction to be the first and only known one chromed. Already with a sticker price of US$ 721,700, the task fell on Melbourne’s Exotic Graphix and an unconventional method of chrome application. Instead of the typical chrome plating technique, Exotic Graphix decided on a chrome-like vehicle wrap for the mirror finish. The alternative was less time consuming, no residual effect to the environment, and cost far less. Maybe this will be the newest addition to Justin Bieber‘s garage. It certainly goes very well next to his already chromed Fisker Karma. via: CarScoop