Apple iPhone 5 Actual Case and Parts | By iLab Factory

By - July 31st, 2012

If you’ve been up-to-date with the stock market today, you will know that Apple‘s stock share was up 2.64%‎, or an increase of $15.73‎ to $610.76 per share. The gain was quite understandable given the fact multiple sources confirmed yesterday that Apple will be conducting a major product launch, presumably the iPhone 5, on September 12th. But another explanation for the stock price’s uptick might be these images and video from iLab Factory. An authorized repair firm in Japan which specialized in Apple iPhone, iLab Factory previewed components designated to be on the upcoming Apple iPhone 5, including the new and larger casing, center mount camera, and 19-pin connector port. Yet, the company will not confirmed the parts to be the actual ones on iPhone 5, most likely because the fear of a reprisal from Cupertino. Still, its video already gone viral with 1.5 million views and counting…

YouTube Preview Image