Nike Basketball 1992-2012 Nike Air Hyperflight (2001)

By - August 3rd, 2012

Nike Basketball 1992 2012  Nike Air Hyperflight (2001)

Following on the heels of the technologically advanced Nike Shox BB4 released in 2000, Nike continued with the futuristic theme by designing a shoe that, as lead designer Eric Avar put it, would be exactly what Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman would make himself: the Nike Air Hyperflight. Bowerman always pushed designers to make shoes lighter, but not at the sake of performance or fit. And in the wake of his passing, Avar and his team essentially pushed the limits of Bowerman’s coaching, essentially creating a track spike for the basketball court. The Hyperflight’s design was also inspired by the concept of flight, resulting in a shoe built with a new era of synthetics and bold colorways that easily drew attention. Click after the jump to see more sketches of the shoe that show the development of the its design as Nike continues its look back at the “20 Designs that Changed the Game.” You can also learn more about the series as part of our RE-Fresh segment. 

Nike Basketball 1992 2012  Nike Air Hyperflight (2001)

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