Nissan NV200 – Meet The New London Taxi

By - August 6th, 2012

Nissan NV200   Meet The New London Taxi

Having won the somewhat controversial Taxi Of Tomorrow competition and the contract to outfit New York City as a whole by 2018, Nissan is putting on the charm offense once again, this time across the pond in London with the introduction the new London “Black Cab”. Essentially a right driving variation of NYC’s Nissan NV200 minivan, the new London Taxi is to be 50% more fuel efficient than the current TX4 by London Taxi Company. Running on a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with an output of either 89 horsepower or 110 horsepower, the new taxi’s fuel consumption is around 53.3 miles per gallon, versus 35.3 miles per gallon clocked on London Taxi Company’s newest model, the TX4. This equates to around a saving of £700, or $1093 in US Dollars. And if all of London’s licensed taxis were to be the new NV200, it would a reduction of 37,970 metric tonnes in CO2 emission each year, or like planting 10,000 acres of new trees.

In addition to fuel savings and benefits to the environment, the new London Taxi still retains a spacious interior with large windows, unobstructed door frames and handles, plus a skylight-like panoramic glass roof. Comfortably seats five with a rear bench seat three and two rear facing folding seats, Nissan also added some high-tech touches such as passenger climate controls and USB charging ports.

While New York City was due to have a new purpose-built vehicle soon because of outdated models, poor fuel consumptions, and limited interior space, it will take Londoners longer time to accept the new Nissan NV200 since the current taxi’s bulbous shape is so iconic to the city and so beloved by its residents.

Nissan NV200   Meet The New London Taxi

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