Rob Garcia and CurT@!n$ Talk EN NOIR’s Debut Collection on Complex

By - August 6th, 2012

EN NOIR is the brainchild of Rob Garcia, a designer who is looking to take high-end, runway fashion and make it stand out on the streets. Pairing up with one of NYC’s top stylish men, CurT@!n$, and catching the eye of Kanye has put the brand on the map in short order. Now the brand has released an initial line of premium leather vests, jackets, and sweatpants alongside a series of monochromatic T-shirts with all-over prints, all designed to become a staple of your wardrobe year-round. EN NOIR isn’t afraid to recognize its roots, but tapping into the minds of the youngest of streetwear aficionados is where Garcia believes the real magic happens; they don’t buy clothes because of a label, they buy them for the look. EN NOIR has tapped into this mindset in that his only guideline in designing clothes is that there are no guidelines. Check out Complex’s complete interview with the the men behind EN NOIR here and get a preview of the line available on their online shop after the jump. via: Complex